Sunday, April 08, 2007

Explaining Passover to a Five Year Old & Matching Donor Backgrounds

no. 350

This week we have been celebrating Passover so that means not only not eating bread products but also due to the fact that we are of Ashkenazi descent we also do not eat rice and other products where the product "rises" even though the product does not contain yeast or is defined as "Chametz".

My son, this evening on day 5, for dinner asked for a PBJ sandwich at which point we again asked him if he understood why we have not been having bread and that his PBJ would have to be on matzah. At which point my wife added if we were Sephardic we could at least have had rice. My son latching onto that wanted rice.

My response was unfortunately both I and his donor were of ashkenazi descent so he was out of luck no matter what and he should just eat his PBJ on his matzah and like it. He seemed to accept that and just enjoyed his matzah sandwich.

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