Friday, April 13, 2007

My wife is having another man's twins - and I could not be happier

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Daily Mail
Last updated at 23:42pm on 12th April 2007

"Richard and Sandra Woolven were looking forward to starting a family. But after a year of trying to conceive, they were horrified to learn that Richard had a zero sperm count, making it impossible for him to have children.

The couple, who live in Worcester, decided to have fertility treatment using a sperm donor. Now Sandra, 27, a sales manager, is 35 weeks' pregnant with twins. Here, Richard, 30, a software developer, talks about his mixed emotions as he approaches fatherhood... "

I will post the entire arrticle in this blog's Annex later today. For now the article is linked via the above title.

You can check out Richard's personal journey via his blog:

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