Tuesday, April 17, 2007

TV's "Brothers & Sisters" & One DI Dad & Two Donors

no. 355

Julie over at DI Mom summarizes what is happening on the ABC drama "Brothers & Sisters". It seems that the show has taken on DI as a story line and has involved three of the shows featured siblings. Julie also quite eloquently states her concerns about this story line as a parent of a DI conceived child.

Will TV get it right or will they get it wrong? Is this the type of exposure we want for this issue or not?

I want to know how I can get the infertile dad character to join the DI Dad's Yahoo group.

Let Julie know your thoughts on her blog and I'd like to hear yours as well.


Unknown said...

I'm as scared of this as I am the BBC series.

Are they going to use normal, adjusted DI kids as examples (*ahem* Me) or some of my "peers" that are not well adjusted at all?

I am eager to not be stereotyped as a whiner... in fact, I'm pretty eager not to even become a well-known minority!

DI_Dad said...

When ER ran its story of Dr. Archie Morris learning he was a father via sperm he donated his offspring came by the ER to check him out. They seemed pretty level headed and after seeing who he was they just took off presumably satisfied with what they learned and not interested in developing a relationship to Archie. At least they had no desire at that time in starting a relationship.

Who knows if ER will get stupid and bring this kids back at any later point. But since TV usually messes this stuff up we can see the writers if they are stuck bringing them back.

Unknown said...

I didn't watch ER even when I had cable. Now that we've cancelled the cable, I'll probably never see this episode.

There's nothing that says TV writers can't put DI kids into their stories, nothing says they aren't free to bugger it up however they want.

One thing I've liked about my "DI experience" so far is that no one knows what to expect of me when they find out. There's no jumping to conclusions, because there's no public mentality regarding us.