Sunday, November 13, 2005

American Donor Conception - New Organization

I have been discussing the idea of starting a new US based donor conception support organization with several individuals since I have returned from the Toronto Symposium. Many agreed that we need a US based group. I have shared some of my own thoughts about the need in previous posts. Since that point I have reserved the domain name and created a parking page at the site address linked to above.

My goals at this point are not to duplicate the efforts of individuals like Diane Allen of the Infertilty Network by any means but to create a US based portal from which the Donor Conception Community here in the USA can perhaps unite if not in methods or goals but as a community of respect. I would hope that over time we can provide support to the level of the UK based DC Netwok or the Australian Donor Conception Support Group but this is for the future to see.

My first project will be to contact as many of the US based organizations that deal with facets of DC to gauge their interest and to solicit their participation for perhaps authorized intro articles or blurbs that can be posted to the new ADC website.

What are your thoughts on this idea and what would you want to see from such a US based organization? Please let me know either here or via

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Julia said...

I think its a great idea! I'm not deeply involved but I've seems tons more indepth literature and symposiums in Canada, and the UK.