Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sibling Matches at 1098 at the Donor Sibling Registry

The activity at Wendy and Ryan Kramer's Donor Sibling Registry these last two days since Amy Harmon's front page Sunday New York Times Article has been staggering. As of this evening the total number of matches is now at 1098. That's 88 matches since early Saturday evening when links to the on-line version of the article started being diseminated across the Internet. The activity is amazing when you realize that the site has been active for more than 3 years and this increase is over just the last two days.

Based on e-mails to and posts by Wendy on the DSR Yahoo discussion groups she has been at her PC non-stop (when she isn't at her "real" job) and Wendy deserves our applause and our committment. If you can this holiday season please stop by the main DSR site (linked through the title to this post) and make any donation you can no mater how small. The DSR is purely funded by individuals and truthfully mostly by Wendy through her determination, labor and love.

Again our gratitude and thanks to Wendy and Ryan !

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