Thursday, November 17, 2005

Infertility Affected My Marriage....

Tonight on the Yahoo DI Dads site I posted a message somewhat personal. I thought to copy and paste it here to the blog but decided against it. All I will say is that right from the start of my marriage the infertility infected me and I pulled away from my wife causing her great pain as well as to myself. I could not control that pain.

Tonight my post to the DI Dads asked men like myself if their relationships were / are similarly affected by the infertility. Over the years my wife and I discussed my pain and when we attended therapy as a couple it certanly was discussed but somehow being in the discusion group with men who are going through what I went through brought it all back and I wanted to know, needed to know, if my reactions years ago were normal as defined by men who shared that same pain.

I am assuming the answers I get back will be yes, although I am not sure. Just the asking was somewhat carthartic whatever the replies.

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