Monday, November 07, 2005

Told My Sister re Half Sibling

Yesterday we were at a family bat mitzvah for the daughter of one of my first cousins. For some reason while there I asked my sister if I had told her about the fact that my kids have a half sibling. Her reply was something like “what?” I guess the answer was no.

Anyhow I described how we found the half sibling via the DSR and then my sister asked how is it possible [that there even are half siblings?] She apparently thought when we used this donor that no one else was allowed or could use him. She probably thought that there were some type of restrictions but I did not pursue that line of thought. I explained further that we did not buy out all his vials and that as long as the supply was available others could purchase the remaining vials.

I then indicated that I knew the half siblings given name and had been in touch with her family even exchanging e-mails and pictures of the kids. She asked if our son had seen the picture to which I said not yet. I don’t think she was totally shocked but I think it was certainly a learning experience.

While this conversation was going on my son, the older of my two, and his cousin of about the same age were having a ball with each other running around the dance floor and chasing after my “toddler” as she crawled around the dance floor herself .

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