Friday, November 25, 2005

Pink Eye, Conjunctivitis (post # 51)

Today it became official my whole family now has pink eye. This has been the month from hell due to one play date with a kid whose family doctor thought this was not contagious after 24 hours with the antibiotics. I‘d like to slug that doctor.

Too many hours at the eye clinic, washing bedding daily, and trying to get a three year old to stand still for eye drops. And now the kicker the doctors at the clinic prescribed an ointment we are supposed to put on my 17 month old’s lower eye lid twice a day. That will be an experience.

So if you hear the father of a kid who is at your house for a play date say that his kid had pink eye but it’s not contagious, but he is stil taking drops, announce the play date is over, ask them to leave immediately and reschedule by phone.

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