Saturday, November 19, 2005

NYTimes: 2005Nov20: Hello, I'm Your Sister. Our Father Is Donor 150

Tomorrow's NY Times cover page features an article regarding half siblings finding each other and meeting at various ages. Most if not all of the families referred to and quoted from in the article found each other through the Donor Sibling Registry which this week hit the milestone mark of matching up 1001 half siblings.

It 's a great article for several reasons including the donor conceived individuals desire to connect in whatever form to their biological origins beyond that of the mother. The article never preaches regarding the disconnect that is created via the utilization of DI nor was its intent to do that. The article addresses the connections made via the personal side of the meetings. Most of the meetings discussed involve toddlers through teenagers.

The fact that the NY Times placed this article on the front page is a telling point in my mind that the issue is becomming to be less stigmatized and more open to discussion. Granted the discussions are sometimes quite heated (see the comments to my immediate prior post "Emotional Blackmail....").

I am only hoping that the author, Ms. Harmon, continues this series and at one point address the DI Dads. Her earlier piece published on October 13, 2005 was titled "First Comes the Baby Carriage" and focused on women who chose single motherhood.

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