Saturday, December 10, 2005

(1) Another Why Post (2) Found Other Male Written Fertility Blogs

Over the last two nights I found by accident a donor egg (DE) blog and discovered the world of female written infertility blogs. There are a lot of them out there and most of them list all of the other DE blogs they visit or know about. Sort of a sisterhood of shared pain which I can relate to from our years of infertility treatments. Anyhow mixed in with these listings I found a few links to male written blogs. None of them appear to be from men who have successfully used DI but it proved that other men are out there willing to discuss their infertility issues of their own or that of their marriage. I will try to add the links to all these blogs tomorrow as my kids are waking up after falling asleep in the car after our drive home from the burbs. It could be long night.

Oh, I almost forgot the "why" part. My wife asked again why am I so obsessed with the topics of DI/DC and infertility especially since we have two great smart gorgeous healthy kids. My short answer (as I need to shut this down) is and keeps coming back to my meeting the few adult donor conceived individuals in Toronto and my fear that my kids could someday have that pain. It is why I blog, why I am involved in trying to start a national US donor conception support organization and my recent decision to be part of an effort to draft model rules of ethics / operation for the sperm banks. We just knew so little when we started down the DI/DC path. Now that my kids are real and luckily for them so far healthy etc I have no right to sit on my laurels just because they are healthy happy etc as they just as easily could not be. I am beginning to rant so it's time to shut down.

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