Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Dad Someday

I discovered this past week one of the very few infertility blogs I have found written from the man’s point of view. The blog is fairly new as it was only started in early to mid December and the blogger has only posted 11 entries. So if you are interested in following one man’s (and his wife’s) journey from the “start” you can catch up pretty quickly. So far the blogger has kept his posts directly on topic which is something I have not always done.

While reading of the posts I am quickly reminded of all the issues we went through and I wonder how I would have put my own thoughts down in a blog had I started one at that time. I got a kick out his discussions regarding “producing” for a semen analysis and what goes through your mind. Looking back it was worth the effort to try to produce my own genetic material for our IVF cycles but I would not trade the kids I got for any amount of “what ifs” or cash. Although we could sorely use the cash.

I have provided a link to this blog as well as a couple of other infertility blogs written by men in the sidebar Infertility links section. As there are so few male focused blogs out there on this topic it is important to recognize each of these men for putting their thoughts out there.

I wish them each luck and offer a prayer that they and their spouses reach their goal of parenthood within the coming year.

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A dad someday said...


Thanks for the kind words about my efforts so far. Although it will likely be a wild ride, it is encouraging to read what you and others have to say.

Hopefully more men will be willing to take to the keyboard!