Wednesday, December 21, 2005

NYC Transit Strike - Day 2

Again I got lucky and got a cab to work. I again walked home with no issues. My intelligent son at one point today apparently dropped his pants and made an impression with his butt in play dough. I'd like to say this was his way of potesting against the strike but he also told my wife he is bored [supposedly from being home from school already.]

One of the more telling events today that showed the impact of the strike was that one of the city's leading high end department stores, Bloomingdales, closed it's doors at 6:00pm due to lack of customers, who were more concerned with getting home than shopping, 4 days before Christmas and Chanukah. Granted their own staff needed to figure out their commutes home as well. The lost revenue at this most important time for NYC retailers will be amazing.

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