Saturday, December 10, 2005

No Meeting of Half Siblings This Weekend.

Unsure of what was going to happen this weekend I rented a car for two days. Today, Saturday, we had a birthday party for one of my nieces out in the suburbs. If the kids were going to meet it was to be tomorrow somewhere in NJ where they were to be staying or somewhere in between. This afternoon we found a voice mail message that was apparently left last night on our Verizon voice mail while I was on-line. [Another reason to get DSL or a second line]. For reasons unconnected to our "what to tell issues" they are not coming North for their unrelated event.

We were disappointed but figure / hope to meet perhaps now in the Spring when all the kids are older and maybe this issue of how to introduce the kids will be easier to resolve as the half sibling will be older as well. It was just as well as today's driving left me exhausted and I am unsure how I would have handled two days of driving and car packing for two kids.

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