Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NYC Transit Strike - Day One

Not directly DI related but part of our life. My commute was not too bad as I caught a cab about 10 blocks from our apartment (we live and I work all in Manhattan.) About 60% of my office made it into work. I had to walk home which took about 45 minutes. The East side was close to gridlocked. People on the streets were in good spirits but the drivers stuck in traffic were not too thrilled. The weather while cooler at night was not too bad and I must admit my Lands End down coat (tailored as a rain coat and not the Michelin Man) kept me quite toasty. I wore probably one too many layers but I'll know better tomorrow.

While the NYC schools opened two hours late all morning pre-K programs were out right cancelled. So the kids and some school friends convened at our apartment along with their caregivers or moms. I missed this but heard it was a hoot.

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