Thursday, December 08, 2005

We May Meet Their Half Sibling This Weekend?

We have been trading e-mails with the mom of my kid’s half sibling as she may be coming into the NYC area this weekend. This resulted in both families getting back into our unfinished discussion of how we would introduce the kids to each other.

My wife right now wants to be direct and upfront with our son as to who this little girl is. Her mom wants to hold back at the moment and just introduce them as special friends who share a special connection. We are at an awkward point as both families want to protect their kids and not take away from how special this occasion will be and mean in their lives. We (my wife and I) have suggested that we delay the meeting until we are all on the same page as to what to say to them. Again this is awkward and your emotions run high. [More so as I know she reads this blog but these thoughts and comments need to be part of this blog’s story.]


Marty said...

Any plans for these two kids to meet their Daddy?

Marty said...

Sorry, that may have been rude. It just seems odd to read about your own angst over the situation (not even wanting to hear "his" voice on a CD), but of course you are an adult and are perfectly capable of adult-sized choices. Your son however... is left with little choice at all. But just as much angst, if not more... awaits him.

Thats quite a burden to bear.

ffmom said...

I agree with your wife. If this meeting is contingent upon being dishonest with your kids, I'd have to pass. Be it a lie of omission or an outright lie,"special friend" not sibling, it will compromise your kids trust in you when they find out the truth. I'd wait until the other mom was ready to be honest. I don't mean to offend the other mom, but that's how I see it. This is way too important an issue to be less than truthful about.