Monday, December 26, 2005

Holidays, Family, Friends, Life Events and Infertility

Tomorrow morning I will be attending the Brit Milah (the Bris) of an infant boy born 8 days ago to friends from our synagogue. Until my wife became pregnant 4.5 years ago I could not imagine attending such a ceremony without the emotional pain of our infertility. That same pain colored each and every holiday season and how we reacted to invitations from family and friends to parties and life events.

It is so easy to put that pain out of mind when you are changing the diapers and chasing your kid through a social hall to keep him from tripping or spilling something on somebody's favorite suit or dress. The truth of the matter is that there are so many other couples going through that same pain now during this Chanukkah and Christmas season and through everyday events. To those folks I echo the words of a friend's blog "Wishing for a Baby" that this holiday season is almost done and perhaps you can look at the new year as a new beginning and a fresh start in your travels down these roads and that hopefully within this new year you can also lose yourself in the next phase of your lives and put the pain behind you.

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