Friday, August 11, 2006

The Common Thread Project

There is series of posts (starting on 8/7 - 8/10/06) over at Stirrup Queens regarding a project called the Common Thread Project. The idea grew out out of a discussion where the Towncriers (Melissa) discussed whether infertiles could develop a secret handshake where they could identify themselves to other infertiles. The discussion eventually developed from a handshake to jewelry to something simpler and in this case a common thread.

The need for the secreat handshake was prompted by a post by Melissa regarding infertility survivor guilt. By creating the handshake the survivor could easily say I am one of you. My own input via a comment left there was in reagrds to our bringing our son into the fertility clinic when we were trying to conceive our daughter. I had wanted to make a shirt for him that stated "I am an A.R.T. Baby" so the woman and men in the waiting room would not be hurt by his presence and kill us for it.

Anyhow I encourage folks to read the posts over at Stirrup Queens and even if you don't run out and buy the Pomegranate thread that perhaps you can show your support by posting this graphic on your site with links back to Stirrup queens.

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