Saturday, August 26, 2006

Opinion Essay: Zygotes to Go - Taking orders for custom-designed babies

Eric: Overall this essay, by Ronald Bailey published in syndication on 8/24/06, , makes sense to me. It does not address identity issues but effectively equates the premise to an alternative to adoption. Unless I misread or missed something in the text.

This whole "controversy" is blown out of proportion and is simply combined DE / DI and marketed as a complete package. If you disagree with donor conception from step one this is ceratinly something you are not going to agree with.

I believe dual DE / DI is probably more common than people realize. It's just that it probably is not discussed on the boards as much for the same reason men don't openly discuss DI based on misconceptions and stigmas. These stigmas being that a man to be man must produce virile sperm and a woman must produce viable eggs. The truth is not all bodies are so blessed and this provides an option that otherwise would not exist but for the science.

The issues involved with DE / DI add a level of complexity to disclosure but again like full boat adoption some of the answers are similiar. Is it custom designing a child. Even in using DI or DE you are doing that already as you are matching traits you want or don't want so again the hoopla arguing such is just noise.

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