Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"I'm Older Right?"

In preparing for our DI half sibling meeting I again went over with my 4 year old son his and his sister's DI story that a donor helped create him. I also stated that the donor also helped create another child that we would be meeting this weekend on our trip. His main concern more than knowing the sex of the child was "I'm older right?".

At first he was not happy that she was not his age but seemed content feeling that he would be the older child. You would think this would be due to the fact that perhaps he could exert a dominance in playground political terms. The truth is my son likes playing more with kids younger than him as I believe he feels less intimidated. My daughter will just have fun playing with another girl. Hopefully the half sibling just likes them both even though she will be in the middle age-wise.

Yes, Jason you are the oldest. That I know of.

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