Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chandler & Monica Consider DI

I was watching and old Friends episode a few nights ago. It was the one where Chandler & Monica consider donor insemination.

One of the quotes in the episode that any guy suffering MFI can relate to was from Chandler stating "Well I'm the guy, I'm supposed to bring the sperm."

Joey asking where she [Monica] was and if she was ready only to be stopped by Chandler was amusing. I can imagine the child thanking Chandler for becomming his Dad but stating he wants Joey's advice how to get the girls.

Chandler's asking guest star John Stamos to his and Monica's apartment to secretly determine if Stamos would be their choice for a sperm donor was also amusing as Stamos had no idea what was going on. Their deciding later that Stamos was too perfect and that DI was not right for them was touching.

Of course the episode made the obligatory joke regarding free porn in the semen sample producing room but overall the show treats the entire infertility story line with respect mixing in humor when appropriate for the characters involved.

Somehow I think I have commented on this episode before but I always find it amusing. I am sure Chandler Bing would have made a great DI Dad. After all he took care of Joey all those years and Joey was not his biological child.


Bob said...


Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but Courtney Cox has "real life" infetility issues, female factor.

By the time this story line developed in "Friends", the show had jumped the shark for me, and I'm not familiar with the episode.

DI_Dad said...