Monday, August 14, 2006

(1) Telling More People and (2) Friends Discovering Our DI Story


I told a few more people at work about my kid's conception story and explained what Donor Insemination really means.

This coming weekend, before we scheduled our first meeting with the kid's half sibling, we had been invited to a wedding of a work associate. I had originally declined truthfully due to baby sitting concerns etc. Then when we scheduled this meeting I felt a little guilty that we were not attending the wedding. Work this week is insane for several reasons and I am working like crazy in order to take off Friday for our trip.

Telling work folks is always a bit strange as you are hitting them with personal info that is truly thought provoking. You should expect very few questions as folks are usually overloaded what it really means.

Discovering our DI Story via USA Today

Two funny stories of how people I know learned of our DI odyssey via the USA Today article

A few weeks ago a fellow congregant from our temple comes up to me and mentions the Article. She indicates she never reads USA Today but on the day the article came out USA Today was giving out free issues on 14th Street in our old Manhattan neighborhood. Now a few local friends were aware of the DI stuff but now I guess many more old neighbors know as well.

The second story involves the mom of one of my oldest friends. (We were both born on the same day in the same hospital and alphabetically would have been in adjacent cribs more likely than not). Anyhow his mom was at a bridge tournament in upstate NYS and only reads USAT maybe twice a year in hotels and that was the day. This friend has known of our DI stuff but his mom learned that day by seeing my mug on the cover. We (the friend and I) figure by now half the moms of kids we went to high school with now know my family's DI story. Pretty amusing. Should make for an interesting 25th reunion. We'll see who has the curiousity to approach me about it.


Richard said...


It has to be said that these days I have trouble knowing when not to talk about it. Being open on the radio and in the papers means that I'm used to just blurting it out at every opportunity. I guess at some point I'll work out where the balance needs to be and things will settle down.

It has to be said that some people don't know where to look when I mention my infertility and the UK donor shortage, but if I keep talking long enough most of them eventually recover their composure and offer their thoughts.

Anyway just thought I'd drop in and say hi because it's been a while.

Have a good vacation,


DI_Dad said...

After years of people knowing my fertility issues while going through the IVFs and IUIs I have become so used to discussing the topic I forget that most people its embarrasing and hard to discuss. I am a tad more sensitive when disclosing my kid's story but even now discussing issues of disclosure and men's issues I find I may be talking too much too fast.

Again good luck this week!