Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Your Son Said XYZ" & Dumb DI Jokes

We had friends over today who had not yet seen our new apartment. Amid a sea of toys and other craziness the husband, Mr. X, remarks to his wife, Mrs. X, "your son said xyz".

I immediately stated how I am the only one in the room that can make that comment. To which my wife immediately yelled at me. It was a joke. It even took Mrs. X a moment to realize what I meant and why my wife was yelling at me (they've known for sometime of the kids' conception story).

Ok my wife was not yelling but sternly reminding me how they are my kids. I know this off course and love them dearly. She hates my DI jokes. I will admit the jokes are generally stupid and are usually just meant for me and my wife and long term I should refrain from making them as the kids might take offense despite the fact that they are made at my own expense.

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