Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Missed the 1st Meeting of the Half Sibs

I knew it was going to happen this way but it is kind of appropos. My wife got showered before I did Saturday morning at our hotel and the kids were getting stir crazy in our room so she took them down for breakfast.

We had unofficially made it up that we would all meet at breakfast. So when the two moms walked in they recognized each other from pictures of the kids. It must have been pretty cool to see especially since none of the other diners would have had a clue that three children connected via a common donor were meeting for the first time.

By the time I got down to the dining room there were three children sitting with my wife as the MOCHS (Mother Of my Children's Half Sibling) was up getting some food for the young lady. My first reaction was that the half sibling is absolutely adorable and a real cutey. And I say this not because she bears a resemblance to my son either (mostly around the eyes and smile). I later learned she is very smart too.

We all got acquainted and the kids already seemed to be having fun. Our plan that day was to travel to a local theme park about a half hour's drive from the hotel. It turned out that we all drove together in the minivan I rented which gave us all more time together.

The great thing about the kids was that they all seemed at ease whoever the parent was directing them. All three were very good. True there was an ocassional outburst from one pushing another and yes my two year old bit her half sibling but that passed quickly.

As an aside packing for three days away from home and traveling via minivan is a trick. Even with overpacking we ran out of kids socks and shirts.

I know my family will miss the kids' half sibling and her mom and we look forward to our next meeting whenever that happens.

[Drafted by a sleepy dad on 8/20 at about 730pm on a bus after returning the minivan in Manhattan].

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