Thursday, August 10, 2006

An Essay on Being an Infertile Dad - That's Easy !

A friend who is a writer and a publisher has asked that I contribute to a book dealing with DI and that I contribute an essay along the lines of what it means to be an Infertile Dad including my fears regarding the donor. I'd say doing this should be fairly easy as many of those fears have been broached right here on this blog.

I read my friend's e-mail letter to my wife who again was surprised that I might have fears or feel threatened by the donor. I know my wife has no time to read this blog but I don't think she has a clue as the bio parent what goes on in the mind and subconscious of the social parent even when I have been fairly open about these issues. After dealing with infertility and the treatments for years her feelings are we are past all that and let's move on. Hey wife, from my perspective I am never quite past all that! I can accept it but it's still a fact. A fact that becomes smaller over time but an immutable fact nonetheless.

Over at Stirrup Queens their blog is geared towards acting as a resource but also to gather info towards a book to teach non-infertiles regarding proper etiquette so as to not upset their infertile friend's or family. Somehow I think they need to remember to include a chapter for the infertile spouse to point their fertile spouse to regarding ths stuff. This info is not just for the muggles in the outside world.

I have been wanting / thinking about editing a book about this stuff from the infertile guy's perspective for some time and this writer / publisher friend offered her help so maybe this can start me down that road as well.

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