Thursday, February 23, 2006

(1) IVF and ICSI (2) Donor T5's Daughter


Over the last several months I have seen numerous TTC blogs written by women and I have begun to see a few written by men (and later discussed here). I know of one couple who each maintain their own separate blogs and today I write here about the only joint husband and wife TTC blog I have seen. It should be noted this is not a DC TTC blog. Depending on the day you don’t know if the blogger will be either Paul or Lisa or maybe separate entries from both. It allows the reader to see both views of infertility (via MFI) in one location and to see how they are jointly handling their journey.

Who do you think you are? She’s T5’s daughter.

At only two posts old this blog is brand spanking new. It’s creation was well thought out as it clearly states its position (against DI) based on the numerous information and organizational links in its sidebar announcing it as a blog written by a donor conceived person (from Australia) announcing to the world that her creation via DI has profoundly affected who she is.

Is it me or does it seem that the majority of DI blogs I find are outside the US and at the moment concentrated in Australia?


lia said...

I think thats because, in my experience, people in the US become very aggressive when donor conception is questioned. They will only go as far as to accept half siblings as 'real' brothers and sisters and go to a lot of trouble to find them and maintain lifelong 'bloodtie' relationships. Whereas the full parent (the donor) is completely disregarded as a blood tie.

MAX said...

I think that's because Aussies love to stop and have a bit of a yarn (chat), we love to talk about the weather and sports , we love our beer too and basically we'll talk about everything and nothing at the same time, it's not so much what we are talking about that's important but the fact that we are talking. Have I told you they just found a "Saltie" (salt water crocodile) in a freshwater pond not far from Sydney yesterday ?
Crikey ! What was your question again ?

Rel said...

Thanks for the plug :)

I think the fact that you hear so much coming from Australia is because we are a lot more progressive than other countries in our legislation around A.R.T practices, especially in Victoria, where anonymous sperm donation was outlawed in 1995.

It's more than "having a good yarn", it's that we are passionate people who believe in "a fair go", and i truly believe that i have been given a fair kick up the arse.. to put it nicely :)

Michael said...

Really, DD, your comment coming thick and fast after Lia's incisive one really just shows your own 'true colours'. Maybe you should stop avoiding the issue, stop being in denial and take fully on board the arguments that are coming you way. Otherwise, I will have to ascribe to you that peculiarly Aussie expression that you are 'full of shit'.
Sorry, Eric, to despoil your blog in this way, but in my book he deserves it!

MAX said...

My post was tongue in cheek except for the croc story ! ;)

lia said...

You know, DD, this what is called 'trivialisation' there is no better way to put someone down than to trivialise a persons pain like "she'll be right mate, but there are no bleeding crocodiles in my dunny so what the F@@#$?". Who cares because you got what you want MATEY. If you are not going to take on a persons pain as a result of your decisions, then you are seriously into denial. OCKER. Why do you have such a big problem accepting a donor conceived persons plight? Is it because it doesn't suit your personal agenda? It is so bleeding obvious: what you want supersedes the cost to those who will suffer as a result. I see it over and over again. When will someone surprise me and say "yep I git it and this ain't true blue". Aussie! It's a lucky country (unless you're poor, aboriginal, an illegal immigrant or donor conceived). Ozzy, ozzy, oy, oy, oy. Ave another beer mate and chuck another yabbie on the barbie, she'll be right mate.

Richard said...


I'd like to point out that DD is not personally responsible for the pain that Rel is currently experiencing. In addition, you have no idea about how his or anyone else's future children will feel about the nature of their conception.

Is it just possible that he may have been trying to lighten the mood a little? Things have been getting pretty heated around here lately and, while this is a serious subject it's sometimes a good idea just to stop for a while and have a bit of a laugh. I understand that you're on a crusade but even you must have to stop and rest every once in a while.

On top of that, I don't recall any of us ever suggesting that Rel's plight or pain was not a real or valid one. All we are trying to do is point out that there are also DC persons out there that don't feel the same way. That doesn't make Rel's pain any less real or acceptable, it just means that her's is not the way all DC persons feel.

None of us want to get involved in a screaming match but if we're going to start pointing fingers at people who are unable to listen to other people's side of the coin because it doesn't fit in with their personal agenda, maybe it's you should take a look in the mirror.


lia said...

It's a serious issue Richard when you purposefully sever a persons family ties whether you think they feel affected by it or not. Trying to 'lighten' things up a bit with inappropriate jokes is still just another jab at those affected. And again it trivialises the entire matter. Why can't you understand this?

MAX said...

I didn't think there was a need to clarify this but obviously there is.

My comments relate to Eric's question:

"Is it me or does it seem that the majority of DI blogs I find are outside the US and at the moment concentrated in Australia?"


I was answering by using Australian stereotypes often used to depict us Overseas. Thus the joke was on myself as much as anyone else. The Aussies are well known to be able to laugh at oneself.

as for a more serious answer, I think "Rel" has tackled the question and summed it up very nicely