Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why My Wife Agreed to DI

Our first experience with DI was to simply have it as a backup when we attempted each of our IVF / ICSI cycles. My wife had been against using donor sperm for the reasons couples do including the yuk factor of having someone else's seed in her etc. We were lucky that during these IVF/ICSI cycles the testicular biopsies I underwent yielded usable sperm which allowed us to create viable embryos. Unfortunately none ever took.

My wife at this point reconsidered using DI as our prime method of creating our kids as a result partially due to watching how I handled the surgeries and her fear that something could go wrong during the surgeries. I had had a very hard time coming through recovery each time between nausea and just being able to walk. Nothing truly serious but as a kid I had had a reaction to some anesthesia and almost died. Following the second procedure a 93 year old man came out of recovery faster than I did. It was easier once I got home but she had decided that she did not want me going though another surgery and felt that my life was worth more than any genetic connection to our kids where she knew I would be a good father whether related or not.

Now there might be some out there who might feel her decision was easy as she is genetically a parent to our kids. But I know she struggled with the decision as she wanted the kids to be ours jointly as any couple would. But she decided like I, that DI was sort of a half adoption and that looking at it from that angle we decided to go this route.

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