Saturday, February 11, 2006

Daily Rituals: Checking the DSR

One of my daily Internet based rituals is checking out a daily photo blog that focuses on the NYC subway system. The pictures are amazing and really capture life in the tunnels and stations that I am generally in for part of each day. It is worth checking out.

My other daily ritual in addition to checking the DI Dad yahoo site, as its moderator, for pending members or messages needing approval or denial is to run a search on the DSR for any new registrations of children that were created using the same donor as my kids. Currently they have one and only one half sibling out there. I am not sure why I check each day, other than it takes less a minute to do so, other than mere curiousity.

I believe I check as a touchstone as to how their lifes can change at the turn of an Internet page if the result is the existence of another half sibling. Do I want there to be more half-siblings? I am not sure. Part of me is sure there are more out there, part of me figures these three kids are it. Sometimes I wonder if I want there to be more so all three of these kids will know there are others just like them that perhaps they can turn to who know exactly what they are dealing with in their daily thoughts.

It's funny my kids have not even met their half sibling but I hope someday they develop a lasting relationship with that child. Thoughts for another post.

Again checking the DSR is just one part of my daily ritual as a DI Dad.


MAX said...

Amazing subway pics..great site !

DI_Dad said...

Two of my all time favorites from December 2004:

This one due the faces and its classic NY looks....

This second one as a father as the times I am in the subway with my son I find to be very special as he looks at everything with wonder and I also find myself being more protective than on the streets. Also it is a time when he makes a lot of direct contact with other people. Contrary to adults kids lead to a lot of conversations between other passengers and the kid.

- Eric