Monday, February 13, 2006

DC Network - The Men's Page

About two weeks ago the British DC Network added a new “For Men” page. The page is still in its infancy and will develop over time. It features articles by dads like myself and links to other general articles located on the DC Network site. I would never say I am to credit for this page but I hope my meeting Olivia of the DCN helped her decision to create it as there is a need for it.

A number of the stories are quite compelling including Ted’s story and that of Paul. Each of the stories presented formerly ran in the DC Network newsletter (available generally only to members). The time lag between stories being printed in the news letter to being uploaded to the Internet seems to be about 6 weeks or so.

My thanks to Olivia for creating the page, for the plugs regarding the Yahoo DI Dads discussion group as well as this blog! My wife was amused at my being described as a "good bloke".

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