Friday, February 24, 2006

The Need for Laughter

We all need to laugh and to kick back as life is way to short. My heart scare a few weeks back certainly should make me remember the need to laugh and relax.

The online world of donor conception can get too serious. My previous blog post is a prime example. So whether you are pro or con take a minute to kick back and surf the Internet for topics other than DC issues. If this blog or others brings up something that makes you smile or laugh please let the blogger know. Chances are they need the laugh as much as you do. I know I'd appreciate it.


Michael said...



1. One that is in charge of passage through a gate

2. One who monitors or oversees the actions of others

DI_Dad said...

michael -

I will admit the definition is lost on me. I am guessing your choice is referring to the picture but then again at this point I am not sure what to expect.

The picture is of one of a few dozen sculptures in a particular subway station here in Manhattan. It's one of my favorites for the playfulness it evokes.

- Eric

lia said...

I really like it. I would love to send you a picture of what it looks like outside our house right now but don't know if I can. We have had a real downpour and the road is completely flooded and the footpath ankle deep in water. I think we call it climate change... very tropical for Melbourne. Don't mind Michael, he is a bit wet today LOL.