Sunday, February 19, 2006

Many Articles: But To What Result?

In the past several months the topic of donor conception has appeared 3 times in the NY Times (twice on its cover page) as well as being featured in national news and other magazines as well as on a few cable news shows. But to what purpose? Are we being used to satisfy a human interest quota of columnar inches in these publications?

Certainly there is a fluff piece factor but anytime our stories get out and people hear them I propose that these issues will become more mainstream topics of discussion (if not practice) and perhaps we can have greater leverage for increased regulation or at least attention to issues warranting greater review and monitoring.

Should we proactively try to put our stories out there? I believe so if the facts call for it. Certainly the issues surrounding the Mom fighting NECC are worthy of discussion as are the issues of other such cases. Recently a few other donor health screening issue cases were being discussed on the DSR yahoo groups that would merit further media attention.

On a lighter media note the March 2006 issue of Teen Vogue has been on the news stands are includes a short article / interview with the 5 Colorado teens (across three famlies) who discovered they are all half siblings. Their story has been made public before but the format of the interview is relaxed and the kids seem very at ease with their conception and happy at their expanded family as they already see each other as just that family.

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