Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Father to Son: No Kissing Whole or Half Siblings on the Mouth

Little children see their parents and learn that they the parents are married and then sometimes apply the concepts to their siblings. My own son has said on occasion that when he grows up he'll marry his younger sister because he loves her. It's all cute and then you explain that siblings don't marry each other and you laugh it off.

We had another laugh when we had to explain that parents can kiss each other on the lips but children generally only kiss parents and siblings on the cheek (putting aside Angelina Jolie at awards ceremonies). The silly joke was when I stated "there is no kissing whole or half siblings on the lips." Only my wife and I laughed as the kids had no idea what I had said. Just another facet of being a DI parent where normal stuff has an added twist. You had to be there.

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MAX said...

There are times when a good sense of humour will go a long way !