Friday, May 12, 2006

AFA Seminar 5/7/06 - My Comments

Below are my quick comments regarding the conference. I was only able to attend the morning sessions and I purposefully missed the keynote addresses (been there, done that).

Session: "It's In the Male - Part 1"

This session was mostly technical stuff which I am guessing most ofyou know about than me as to what causes what at this point.The two things I did get out it were:

(1) If you are attempting IVF/ICSI etc with your own stuff and your urologist suggests testosterone treatments to increase your spermcount etc...get a new urologist...apparently testosterone inhibits FSH production which in turn will decrease your sperm production.

(2) DAZ gene. If you have MFI and are attempting IVF/ICSI it would be worthwhile for you to have your genes analyzed. If you have agene called the DAZ gene and you have a son you could be passing along your infertility onto him. This one scared me and my son is not from me.

Session: "For Men Only"

I was disappointed at the turn out for this session but it made sense to me from our experiences of how many men are out there and this group is still at under 50 members. Only 4 participants not counting me or the two presenters. The main presenter Bob Bamman a therapist here in NYC, who also has MFI, and adopted his kids, ran the session like a group therapy session. Worthwhile as I was only one to beable to speak on DI matters. All agreed that DI is where adoption was years ago.

Session: "Third Party Reproduction"

I missed this as they moved it into the afternoon.

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