Friday, May 19, 2006

Inside The Business Of Egg Donation

For the text of the article posted, as of 5/17/06, at the CBS Evening News website the above link to the Annex is provided.

The more I read stories about young women donating eggs I am amazed at the process comparatively to male donors of their gametes (i.e. their sperm). It's no wonder that the prices paid are so exorbitant. But the numbers quoted here are insane and are essentialy bribing these young women and for those women in finacial need how can they say no.

While my above comment seems to indicate I am an not a fan of DE that is not my intent. DE like DI is an amazing gift to the families in need of it. This does not address the larger DC issues surrounding DC.

I am currently watching my kids by myself all weekend and to all you stay at home moms and dads I salute you I am already exhausted.

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