Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Male Pill

A Dad Someday posted today a piece about the introduction of the male pill. There is not too much more I have to say about this that he has not covered. Check out the comment left by Jenny re the use of this pill to prevent teenage pregnancies.

My only added comment (which I do address in a comment I left at the post) is my concern that while the pill's affects appear to reverse at one point after it stops being taken it should be noted that each individual's physiology is different and taht for some men the effects will take longer to wear off. And it may very well be that for some men once the drug takes effect it may not be reversible.

You don't know with these things and despite whatever studies are done you just don't know. As I stated I agree with everything written at the linked post re men taking birth control responsibility but drugs can be a scary thing. (same comments for the pill women have been taking for years).

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