Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Frozen Donor Eggs: Avery Lee Kennedy

As medicine advances it was only a matter of time before Donor Eggs began to be frozen and marketed in the same manner as Donor Sperm. The story of Avery Lee Kennedy, of Lexington, KY, now four months old, may be among the first babies born using frozen donor eggs. Her story is already beginning to be broadcast via the Associated Press as of May 2, 2006 among several papers including the Washington Post, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, the Centre Daily Times, and Redding.com.

The use of frozen donor eggs will probably never reach the marketing levels that the cryobanks get out of donor sperm but it opens up a whole realm of possibilities to families looking for assistance. According to the AP article there are already a number of cryobanks specializing in DE despite the ASRM treating the technology as experimental medicine at this point in time.


Rel said...

I wonder how many women are donating anonymously?

DI_Dad said...

I don't know enough about that side of the world yet (much less the US market) to even guess.

Based on the articles Michael Linden posted to the DonorMisconception and/or SpermDonors Yahoo group it appears there is a growing trade in Eastern Europe of women selling their eggs which appears to be definitely anonymous.