Thursday, May 11, 2006

On Mystery Island Would I be Fertile?

I admit that I have become a big fan of the TV show LOST. Although as a dad to young children and the fact that I work a lot of late hours I keep missing the show as I keep falling asleep or I'm at work. Yes I can program the VCR but I keep forgetting and we don't have TiVo.

I was wondering today since a few of the Losties have had medical conditions reverse themselves (i.e. Locke, Rose, etc) since they came to Mystery Island would I be fertile? Not that I would trade my kids but the question did come up in my mind.

For those of you that are like me and you keep missing episodes the following MSNBC site is a great place for recaps episode by episode. They have other show recaps as well.

If I had crashed on the Island like the rest of the Losties I wonder what flashbacks I'd have regarding my past. Too many sessions at the IVF clinic wasting our cash I suppose. Or perhaps our stealing condoms from the RE and giving them to our friends.


MAX said...

LOST, lost me a long time ago, I watched the first few episodes then I gave up, I'm not big on those series you have to watch on a regular basis in order to follow the story.

Having said that I'm surprised that the infertility theme has not been used more often in tv series.

Imagine a scene from " the bold and the beautiful " where Eric forrester tells Ridge that he was conceived through DI, this twist could generate another century of playtime for this show!

AAAAAAArgh ! ;)

DI_Dad said...

A new twist on the boy meets girl realizes they are siblings must have been done on some soap opera.....


oshee said...

Thay actually did have a character on the show have his infertility reversed by the island and now his wife is pregnant.
The Korean couple.