Friday, May 26, 2006

Talking & Telling Your Children About Donor Conception

The British DC Network's How to Tell Project has just released yesterday on its website 4 booklets and a DVD video on how to talk and tell your children about their donor conception story. The booklets are free to download and worth checking out.

The project as I recall was supported by the government and exemplifies a true partnership that appears to have resulted in an amazing tool for parents and educators and therapists.

The image at left is only the first of the four booklets that are arranged by age. Olivia and the folks at the DC Network have provided us all an invaluable service.


katty said...

Hello. Just stopped by to say Hi. I'm a single woman, trying to get pregnant using DI. Looking on-line for others in a similar situation. Good to know you are out there. K.

DI_Dad said...

Thanks. I am a bit past trying although we have thought of another.

I have this belief that "if you blog they will come". Of course it helps to visit other blogs of like content and make friends that way.

It's amazing how the blogging community becomes just that ...a community of support. Pretty amazing thing this Internet.

Have you checked out the multitude listing of blogs on The Big List I provide a link to? The majority are female written and are a good mix of choice moms to be and couples.

Good luck. - Eric