Sunday, May 21, 2006

Donor 48QAH - Donor Dads Reaching Out to Kids : A DI Dad's Reaction

Today's Detroit Free Press featured several articles regarding how Matthew Neider became Donor 48QAH and how his journey has taken him to a point where he is making himself available to the children he helped create biologically.

The relationship between the Donors and the DI Dads is a one of mixed emotions at least from the DI Dads side. On one hand there is the extreme and profound thanks for the Donor's existence and for the act of donating that allowed the DI Dad to become a father and on the other hand is the desire for the Donor to stay at arms length and not really become a real influence in the lives of our children. This is tempereed by the fact that in an family where disclosure is part of the equation and openess the expected credo it is quite possible the children will want to at the very least learn more about the donor if not want to meet him if at all possible.

So reading these articles raises these mixed emotions but the hope is that our kid's donor is as honest and altruistic as Dr. Neider appears to be.

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Sudden e-mails let man in on children's lives

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LorMar said...

This article raises a lot of important questions. This is especially true of limiting the number of offspring from each donor. I would have thought that most sperm banks have limits in place.