Monday, May 01, 2006

"My Daddy's Name is Donor" T-Shirt ?

In today's toddler school curriculum do they address how babies are made? I'm not really sure. What would happen if either of my kids were wearing a t-shirt that a donor helped create them. In all likelihood only the teacher would have clue what that would mean. The other toddlers would, I expect, have no clue what that means.

I mention this as I was trolling around on the web and came a website store or two that were selling t-shirts for kids reading "My Daddy's Name is Donor". Apparently the shirts were being marketed for kids of lesbian couples. I can't imagine any heterosexual social dad putting a t-shirt like that on their kid and sending him off to the playground much less school or anywhere else. That would be sharing a bit too much with my neighbors. It would be taking "openess" a bit too far.

One of the sites had a picture of an adult wearing the shirt. Would an adult DC person really wear this? I can't imagine.

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Whosedaughter? said...

There was an article written about this T-shirt that ran in the Chicago Tribune on 5/15/05. You can read it here:
It is also written about here:
I think I may buy one just for the irony of it!
:) Karen