Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Doctor Visits & Disclosure

About a week or so ago I took my son to a new pediatrician who has an office close to our new apartment. Before I met the doctor I filled out the requisite paperwork regarding insurance, address, and contact info. When we were in the actual exam room the doctor started asking re medical history of my son. I told her that he has had no operations, no broken bones, was vaccinated on a delayed schedule, and biologically is the result of using donor insemination. I just decided to tell her upfront. I did not wait for her to ask about family medical histories. I just told her so it’s on his record from day one.

My wife was surprised I would share this so quickly when there was no reason to do so especially since the doctor actually lives in our apartment building and despite doctor / client privileges their story could make the rounds among our neighbors. My response to her was so what as we planned to be open about this anyway. Yes, the decision to be so open is that of the kids themselves but I felt the doctor should know from the beginning in case of an emergency etc.

I think I took the doctor by surprise for a moment but she recovered quickly and left the issue alone rather than start discussing it in front of my son as we were there to check out his eyes, he had contracted pink eye again as I suspected. My wife thinks I am secretly amused t o watch people’s reactions. She may be right but this was a real reason to tell in my mind.

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