Thursday, January 05, 2006

DC Adults and any future US based Donor Conception Support Group

I should start out by stating the following are my own views and not that of anyone else or that of any group I am part of....

The creation of any US based donor conception support group must at its inception find a balance not only between support and any advocacy positions but also a balance between serving the traditional constituency of the parent(s) of donor conceived children and that of donor conceived adults.

Providing support and recognizing the issues of concern to the donor conceived adult community is vital to the success of any support function for a number of reasons. One of the foremost in my view is that it shows the younger donor conceived generation that the generation before is not forgotten and that by the point they will be at that stage of life, whether they feel the losses associated with DI or not, that the support is there and has been there for some time.

Making such support available in greater percentages also serves to further legitamize that their pain is real in the minds of the public and will help lessen the associated stigmas that still exist in our society. That is not to say that without such recognition that the pain is not real. It is just that if the public does not see the donor conception community taking care of its own people the public will continue to state that no problems exist and not feel or believe anything needs changing which which only strengthen the positions of those who want no further regulation of the donor conception industry.

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