Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Last Post Was Number 100 and What This Blog Has Become (to me at least)

I started this blog on August 8, 2005. Per BlogTopSites (BTS) through today I have had 5237 hits with 2889 of those being unique hits since I registered the site in mid September (cumulatively measured on a weekly basis). I am unsure if the state of this blog is what I envisioned when I started this. It has turned out to be more than just my thoughts and experiences of the daily goings on of being a DI Dad which begs the question of what I think it has become.

My thoughts on this are three fold. I hope I am first doing what I first hoped for and portraying honestly my thoughts and feelings about being a DI Dad. Secondly I hope I am providing on this blog some sort of resource as to other Donor Conception related sites and news and my reactions to them. Third as a result of my beginning this blog I have become more involved in the DC community which is a result I did not expect. But one I sorely hope I am worthy of.