Thursday, January 19, 2006

Views of DC from Outside the Community Regarding the Well-Being of Donor-Conceived Children

The title of this post links to a December 2005 post titled “Donor-Conceived Children and Well-Being of Children”. The post itself is posted on a blog titled “Alas”. The post references separate posts made on the Family Scholars Blog and one writer’s focus on the negative effects of DC. Reference is made to various studies of DC children of single mothers. What makes checking out the post worth while are the currently 72 comments posted and the cross discussion posted by the readers. Granted the individuals posting comments go off topic quite often and I found many of the comments posted to be quite conservative but some give DC a fair shake as not being perhaps the sole reasons behind negative issues various DC Persons might have. It’s worth checking out just to learn more what some of those think-tank type folks outside the DC community believe.

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