Friday, January 27, 2006

NY Times Op-Ed Column Submitted & ASRM Letter to the Editor

I just submitted my Op-Ed column to the NY Times via e-mail. If I hear nothing from them within one week it means they are not using the column and I can publish it here. Should be interesting to see what happens. The column was again written as a result of Amy Harmon's January 20th article re Sperm Donors and the Cryobank industry.

It is possible my column will be seen as timely as today in the Letters to the Editor Section was a letter also in response to Ms. Harmon's article by Joseph S. Sanfilippo, M.D.President of American Society for Reproductive Medicine where he made two points that the (1) the medical specialty's position is not one advicating for anonymous donors (2) the industry is already regulated at the federal and state levels and by the industry itself, and (3) "There is no clear scientific evidence to tell us that being a known donor, or an anonymous one, is best for every donor, patient and child."

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