Monday, January 02, 2006

Today I thought I lost my little girl................(blog post # 75)

She's ok but this is what happened....

My son woke me up at around 615am and after getting him juice I went into their room to get his yellow blanket. His version of a woobie. After finding his blanket I turned to my daughter's crib and my life almost ended. My 18 month daughter's favorite blanket was wrapped around her head and face. I pulled the blanket from her face but it looked like she wasn't moving. After a millisecond I saw and felt her breath and her body moving but I was already trembling. We had let her sleep with this blanket for the last few months and had never seem it wrapped around her face so we continued to let her sleep with it.

I went back to the living room and held my son and started to cry and I explained why I was upset and that he and his sister must never cover their faces when they are going to sleep. He told me he did not like me talking like that. I told him I was better and that I loved him and his sister very much.

She awoke a few minutes later and appears fine but for now on after she falls asleep I am taking that blanket out of her bed. I don't want to risk ker live or be scared like that again ever.


Janice said...

Oh my gosh! You must have been terrified! You might consider taking the blanket and making it into a small pillow. That way, she can still feel it and hold it, but you won't be having a heart attack! Kids will do this to you. Just wait until she is a teenager... :)

DI_Dad said...

Janice - Thanks the idea of forming the blanket into a pillow is a good one to investigate.

Teenagers?....putting aside this blanket incident I can't even imagine either of my kids as teenagers and not sure I want to at this moment. Lol.