Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Searching for Donor Conception Blogs or Websites

Do you know of a website or blog maintained by an individual or couple (any permutation) attempting to use DC to start a family? Or perhaps a family already started where a child or an adult is a donor conceived individual? I know but a few and they are linked in the sidebar on this blog's index page. I am also interested in finding as many bulletin boards that have existing discussion threads that deal with donor concepton be it donor sperm or donor egg.

I ask this as I see many many infertility blog rolls but finding the DC related ones is tougher to see and I feel a central list should be started to allow for one more avenue of contact within this community.

Please contact me via this blog post which will have its own permanent link shortly on the sidebar.



Michael said...

I have just established the blog
DADI - Donor Against Donor Insemination

You can find it at

Haven't posted yet but will shortly.

Vee said...

Hi There
these may be of interest



DI_Dad said...

Vee - Thanks !

Michael - I look forward to reading your blog once you start posting. I also like the blog site address name. Good play on the key words. Welcome to the DC on line community.