Monday, January 23, 2006

One DI Mom's Battle with her Cryobank

The title of the blog is "NECC and Sperm Bank Accountability". The domain name the blogger has taken is the fully written out name of the New England Cryogenic Center which if used by a potential customer of NECC would lead the viewer to the website in question. The title to this post links you directly to this DI Mom's blog.

Without commenting on the content of the blog I will post the opening statements posted on January 16, 2006, letting the blogger's own words describe the site she has created:

This site is dedicated to one woman’s experience of using the New England Cryogenic Center’s Sperm Bank. Who is the woman? Well, at the time she was a single, professional, hard-working, optimistic, honest and decent person. She’d reached her mid-thirties childless and had made the agonizingly difficult decision to become a single mother via donor. That woman is me, and the reason I established this site is because I believe that choosing a donor through the NECC Sperm Bank was unarguably the very worst decision I made in my life! My huge regret over using the NECC has led me to set up this website to warn other women who are considering using the NECC.

As this blog is only a week old the buzz about it is only beginning to reach the DC related discussion groups and so far the few posts suggest awe as to what this mom has undertaken. She is apparently not looking to defame NECC but rather to warn other families of her experience and to not use NECC. It will be an interesting blog to watch and see what happens. Any family created using NECC or donor who worked with NECC should undoubtedly want to read this blog.

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