Monday, January 23, 2006

DI Mom vs. NECC continues...

The subtitle on this DI Mom's website / blog reads "Why sperm banks need more morals than second hand car salesmen". The buzz is beginning to pick up regarding this blog and its battle to warn or expose NECC for false advertising at least in regards to the donor sperm she bought from NECC.

Readers posting their comments over at Yahoo's DSR_Discussion group are wondering what set off this expose and where is it going. A couple of readers are supporting DI Mom's right to this battle others believe she is disgruntled but without a reason why they are unsure as to the veracity of her statements. Again I am captivated to see what she writes next. He last post on Jan. 23rd indicates that she will soon divulge info regarding the progeny of her donor which should offer more than a clue as to what occurred to warrant her risking protracted legal troubles regarding more than just her using NECC's name as her web domain.

Where I have seen other donor recipients take notice with the actions of their cryobanks I have not seen any other action like this one where the blogger is simultaneously issuing notices to the public regarding what she sees as un-business like and unethical practices directly challenging the cryobank in question. I wonder how much more attention would have resulted if Amy Harmon, of the NY Times, knew of this blog before her January 20th donor conception was published.

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