Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Whose Kid Is This & Can I Give Him Back?

Sometimes when your kid is being somewhat bad you wonder whether the donor was like this when he was a kid. I've read books where for some dads like me this feeling at times can become so strong that you want to say let the donor deal with this kid. I am not at that point today, other days perhaps, but you wonder what fun the donor put his own parents through.

What prompted this was my son deliberately ripping a page in a new book I just gave him and that I just read to him out of. He has done this before. It was titled "Curious George and Friends" (ISBN: 0618226109) which we had borrowed from the school library and read so often that we bought a new copy off of Ebay. What probably happened was his wanting attention and being upset that I stopped reading and had gotten up to shower and shave to start the day. Still I took the book away and let him know how disappointed I was by this behavior. My response was unfortunately a bit more dramatic as for me this is a big deal as books are very important in our home (and as I said above he has done this before).

Anyhow I don't want to make this child the donor's problem (at least not today - and I do love him dearly) but you wonder what he, the donor, was like as a child and how much is nature vs nuture. In the words of the great philosopher Charles Brown: "Aauughh !!!". Just another fun morning as a DC parent.

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