Friday, January 27, 2006

Two New Australian DC Blogs

Within the last few days I have discovered or been notified that each of the following Australian Donor Conception related blogs have been created:

Diaries of a Hopeful Dad To Be

This first blog is by an Australian who with his wife are DI to conceived their hoped for children. This is one of the very few DI Dad blogs I have found written and one that is reporting from the perspective of a husband going through DI with his spouse. The blogger goes by the name of Dynamodad or DD for short. To date DD has only made two posts so you can follow this blog from its beginning.

DADI- Donor Against Donor Insemination

The second blog was announced to me within the comments to one of my recent posts where the blogger was replying to my post of one hopeful dad's views on donor terminology . The sub-title of this new blog states:

"No, not a contradiction in terms. I am a former sperm donor who is now totally opposed to the practice of donor conception. This is my story...."

What is also unususual for some blogs is that the blogger discloses fully who he is by posting his actual name. As stated in his subtitle he has named his blog while playing on the spelling of the word daddy. The blog currently contains no posts so we will have to see if this former donor is looking to make contact with his biological offspring or not and his expanded views on this topic.

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